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Now Kosher

What is the product’s shelf life?
Wraps up to 21 days; Foldit, up to 18 days and Artisan Thin Pizza Crust Flatbreads 90 days. All Flatout products are shipped into stores and should be code dated at the store level. Once you get your Flatout product home it is best to keep at room temperature. You can also freeze our product for up to 6 months.

Where is Flatout located in the grocery store?
Flatout products can be found mainly in the deli or bakery area, but may also be located in the bread isle.

Is Flatout gluten free?
Flatout has a gluten free wrap but not all products are gluten free.

Does Flatout contain any Trans Fats?
No. All of our products contain 0 Trans-Fats.

Does Flatout contain L-cysteine?
No. None of our products contain L-cysteine.

Does Flatout contain any Dairy?
Our Wraps and Foldit do not contain dairy however they are manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing dairy.

Is Flatout Kosher?
Flatout Flatbread proudly became Kosher certified on October 13, 2013. Look for the symbol on packaging over the next few months.

Does Flatout contain any peanuts or come into contacts with peanuts?
Flatout products do NOT contain nor do the final products or any of the ingredients come into contact with peanuts or any tree nuts.

What if I am on Weight Watchers?
Check your Weight Watcher meeting rooms for great Flatout coupons and recipe booklets. Reference the “product” sections of our website to get the nutritional information on all our products. Flatout products have 2 to 5 PointsPlus values.

How can I contact Flatout?
You can contact Flatout by clicking on our feedback link located in the “Contact” section of this website. You can call us toll free: 866-944-5445. Or you can write us directly at: 1422 Woodland Drive, Saline, MI 48176