New March Recipes You’ll #FlatoutLove!

It may still be snowing in places, but spring is around the corner and we want to start eating that way. March is here and our new batch of recipes certainly reflects it. We may still be holding firm to a budget before tax season, so many of us are trying to pack our own work lunches to boost
our office productivity as well as our budgets. We’ve created some exciting, delicious, packable flatbread recipes that do just that. We want to invigorate your lunches this month! If your diet and exercise routine has fallen off a bit since the New Year, with all these dark winter nights, and you’ve started eating more takeout food in front of the television, don’t despair. March’s recipes will get you back on the right track, using our delicious flatbreads to help make you lean and mean for the summer season, whether or not you’re in a time crunch. We promise you they’re fast to make at home, even after a long work day. So grab some Flatout flatbreads and get cooking!

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Spicy Black Bean Dip with Flatout Chips

California Dreamin’ Wrap

Salmon Burger Foldit

Spicy Tuna Salad Wrap

Chopped Turkey Salad Wrap

Spring Roll Chicken Wrap + Peanut Sauce

Hearty Roast Beef & Swiss Wrap

Nicoise Salad Wrap

Cashew, Granny Smith & Cheddar Wrap

Bacon Kimchi BKT


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