Put Your Credit Cards on a Diet!

Yeah, we can’t believe this either, but March 21st is officially, wait for it, credit card reduction day. At Flatout, we’ve always been big proponents of saving money, choosing healthy foods, making your own meals whenever possible, and enjoying life (especially now that it’s spring!) A huge part of enjoying life, at least for me, is having less debt. And while there’s no better way to pay for a surprise vet bill or a new, dearly needed appliance purchase, everyone has to be careful about letting those big emergency purchases get the better of us.

321 credit card reduction day

The theme of March’s recipes will help you trim those bills down. Bringing your lunch to work or school can save thousands of dollars over the course of the year (and even more with interest and time!) Everyone is generally healthier when they make their own lunches with ingredients they have at home, and our new recipes are fresh, delicious, and easy to pack up and eat at work, or even outside on a balmy spring day.

Check out this  Flatout blog post on cutting grocery bills down to a manageable size. A few tricks here and there go a long way to reduce what could easily be your largest household expense. It stands to reason that if you’re making more to eat at home, then your spending goes up somewhat, and every little bit helps.

Making more meals at home has given me better chops in the kitchen, and so of course I’m looking at cool gadgets and small appliances to make the job more fun. I know some of my friends have the very things I want, gathering dust on a shelf in the garage, so I’m going to host a swap party to see what I can get. Fun!

This is my favorite time of year, utility wise, because it’s getting warmer every day, and I don’t need to use heat or the air conditioning. But you’d better believe it that I’ll be ready for the next high electric bill with a greener home that will save me money that I can apply towards that credit card debt.

Let’s put those credit cards on a serious diet, then, come July, they’ll look just as good in a swimsuit as you will!

-Amy at Flatout


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