Back to Square One

Well, it happened.
The holidays are officially over. I know this because last night, I ate the very last Christmas cookie. There were two little spritz cookies, wrapped in tin foil, languishing on the counter. I thought to myself, okay, these cookies aren’t gonna eat themselves. And I really can’t start my “no sugar” routine until they’re gone. I could have pulled a Miranda and used dish soap to keep me from eating them, but considering the cookies were a gift, it seemed rude. Right? So I ate them. And now, my no sugar thing can start, officially. Buckle up readers, it’s gonna be a grumpy ride!
And today was the equivalent of Black Friday at the gym. Of course. I count myself among the guilty on this one; it has been awhile, or so my sports bra tells me…
Thank goodness there’s flatbread, and new flatbread recipes for January to boot. I can ease into my sugar restriction with the apricot almond butter cheddar Foldit, because almond butter is known to counteract one’s sugar cravings. And since pineapple is fruit, not candy, the Hawaiian pizza recipe is a no-brainer for sometime this week. Viva la pineapple!
Other than that, the recipes are packed full of good-for-you vegetables and make a good starting point for any New Year’s resolutions you may have. There’s a new spin on an old classic, the Margherita pizza,  as well as a spicy chorizo and kale egg flatbread wrap.  The Mediterranean chicken flatbread wrap, filled with winter vegetables, is guaranteed to please any olive lovers in your household, with an Kalamata mayonnaise that packs a salty, earthy punch.
For those of you who are resolving to eat more plant-based meals, try the tofu banh mi wrap or the flatbread with cold weather broccolini and ricotta. Both of these recipes take the boring out of the equation and are full of light fresh flavors after months of stews and roasts.
It’s hard to quit the holiday snacking cold turkey, I get it, so make what you snack on count. Try the rustic olive tapenade with baked flatbread chips sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. A little cheese goes a long way in this fabulous chip and dip combo.
If breakfast is your weak link, but you’re interested in starting the day on something more than coffee, make the egg white frittata sandwich. Flatbread makes it easy to carry to work, and spinach and feta cheese make it easy to eat. I promise you it will become your go-to morning sandwich.
If you still need a richer lunch once in awhile, that’s okay, too, just make it smaller. Try the mini club sandwich on a Foldit flatbread. Delightful.
In many ways, January, for all its drudgery, can be a way to re-set, re-boot the old operating system, and get back to the goals (and jeans) you set aside last year.  Just don’t forget to buy some extra dish soap!
Happy New Year, everyone!
-Amy at Flatout



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