New Year, New Stuff, New You!

2017. It’s a fresh start, a blank page. I think we’ve all seen those “your life is a book, today is page 1, make it a good one” type of posts already, or is it just me who does an inner eye roll at them? There’s a mite of truth in the phrase, though, despite the obvious cliché. Instead of all the resolutions involving diet and exercise, this year I’m trying something different. Working out is already part of my week, and cutting out sugar is on the list too, but I’d like my resolution to be a bit more out-of-the-box challenging but really, potentially fun, too.
This year, I’m taking some courageous steps to really get out there, and go way outside my comfort zone in two ways: hip hop dance classes and (gulp) ice skating lessons. There, I said it. The truth is I’m pretty horrible at each, but my inner Amy longs to be good at one or both. And because I’m not getting any younger, I’m ignoring all those “you’re too old!” voices in my head and I’m just doing it. I’m carping the diem, so to speak.
The most difficult part about the dance classes is that it’s at a real dance school, so I’m in a group of actual dancers. You know, the kind who look at themselves in the mirror and twirl around a lot before class? Yep, that kind of class. SO, naturally, everyone (except me) is really good and everyone (except me) likes to look at themselves in the mirror and no one (except me) minds when they have to do a solo across the floor. It’s pretty daunting, but it feels so good at the end of class that I keep going back. I’m hoping that I won’t mind as much at some point.
In my city, it seems that ice skating is a required outdoor sport. My better half bought us skates last year for Christmas, and we rode the train down to the brand new skating park, which is shaped like a ribbon, to try them out. Since it was many years since I’d been out on the ice, I soon figured out that I had a lot to re-learn. The elegant ribbon of ice soon became a ribbon of terror. Then my optimism ended when I saw a man, out cold and face down on the ice, in a pool of his own blood. It was so scary, I put the skates away that year. This year, though, I’ve signed up for lessons and can even skate backwards a little! My teacher Bob thinks I’m a super skater, but I wouldn’t go as far as all that. I’m just happy to swizzle.
I encourage you to get out there this year and try something you normally wouldn’t, either. It makes a difference, keeps you young, and expands your horizons. It doesn’t always have to be physical; it could be singing lessons, a jewelry class, or going back to school. It could be eating a food you thought you hated, or going meatless for a week, too.
If meatless is something that sends chills down your spine, relax! Try our spicy mushroom burger on a flatbread bun and you’ll never miss it. Or step way outside your comfort zone with the tofu banh mi flatbread wrap.  If sweet potatoes are too sweet for you, they are savory superstars in this flatbread pizza with avocados, radishes, and corn nuts. Light, plant based meals are healthier all the way around.
Many shy away from lamb for its earthiness, so if you’re new to this glorious meat, try it in our flatbread lamb molé tacos. It’s a nice rich taco filling that I bet you’ll love.
If you’re tired of boring, routine burgers, and you love Indian spices, make these chicken burgers on flatbread for a perfectly exciting weeknight meal. Easy to make, and never boring.
Do even bacon and eggs seem blah? Then turn breakfast on its head. For a morning or brunch meal, a rarely seen Monte Cristo makes a sweet and savory comeback to thrill and delight any eater. We use flatbread to keep the calories down. It is January, after all.
Whatever you’re doing to ring in the first month this year, make it fun, at least a little challenging, and as always, delicious. Carpe that diem!
-Amy at Flatout


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