Everybody Salsa!

My neighbor adores salsa dancing, and when she was single, she used to go out almost every night and dance until the wee hours. Dressed to the nines, in super-high heels and gorgeous long hair- I bet her dance card was always filled! While I’ve never learned to officially salsa dance, outside of a Zumba class, secretly some part of me would love to learn. If only they had a salsa party during the day, though! I’m half asleep by the time 9:30 rolls around, let alone midnight. I could never stay up!
Anyways, now that my neighbor is romantically attached to someone who doesn’t dance, her salsa days have been put on hold and she’s doing the Barre method for exercise. I don’t think she enjoys it as much, and who could blame her? Exercise raises your endorphins, yes, which makes you feel good, but it’s more fun to just flatout (HA!) dance to music. Someday I really hope she picks the dancing up again.
Since April is National Salsa Month, I thought I’d bring up the dance, as well as the sauce. Both are festive, so why not throw a little salsa party along with some delicious flavorful treats that your friends will love? I’ve picked out some flatbread recipes that go beautifully with salsa to spark some inspiration for a menu. Salsa is a sure-fire way to add tons of flavor to your recipes without a lot of calories. Save those for the wine!
Even if you don’t dance, a little salsa music goes a long way to brighten the mood and get the party started.
Lamb mole tacos would be a great way to use up that leftover leg of lamb from the weekend. All you have to do is pick out your favorite mole and chop up some roasted lamb. Or grill up some salmon and make some over the top spicy mango tacos using flatbread as a soft shell. Perfectomundo!
Even if the party is just two of you, you can grill up some awesome skirt steak tostadas on crispy flatbreads with shredded red cabbage and lime. A splash of hot sauce and some sweet sweet Tito Puente is all you need.
The salsa party can be a morning thing, too! Wake yourself up with some Latin beats, and whip up this kale and egg wrap with chorizo  or even a black bean and spinach quesadilla by dietician Mitzi Dulan. Both healthy ways to start the day with the salsa of your choice. Breakfast will become your favorite meal of the day
Put a little zip in your step with some delicious salsa and some fresh new recipes, made better with Flatout flatbread. Oh, and keep dancing, whatever you do!
Happy Salsa Month!
-Amy at Flatout



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