Micro Greens: Small Plants with Big Flavor!


We’re always looking for ways to make our great tasting flatbreads even more delicious, and perhaps the smallest way to do this, literally, is by using micro greens tucked inside our wraps and sandwiches, and even scattered on freshly baked flatbread pizzas.

Nothing adds the crunch and texture of tender, crisp baby plants! Loaded with everything the plant needs to grow to maturity, these little guys are a wonderful way to incorporate more leafy greens into your diet. To investigate how micro greens are grown, Kyle Cherek visits Bryan Destefanis at Big City Greens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and gets the scoop on these glorious little shoots and tendrils. If you never thought a plant could make your mouth water, this video will prove you wrong!

Radish sprouts are the things to add if you like it a little spicy; they’re a peppery addition to the turkey sandwich Kyle made in the video. If you’re lucky enough to find pea shoots, stuff them in with some chicken or egg salad, rolled up in flatbread. Scatter some baby basil on a margherita flatbread! And because micro greens are so diverse in color, flavor, and texture, it’s easy to eat the rainbow when you use them. Deep reds and yellows from chard, bright greens from kale and radish, even purple from basil and kohlrabi, all ready to give your flatbread recipes an added boost of healthy flavor and texture.

Adding a handful of micro greens to your meal is the smallest big thing you can do for yourself, so go ahead and think small! Your body will thank you.

-Amy at Flatout

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