Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Tomorrow’s the 5th of May, which is also the fifth month, so I’m gonna throw five flatbread recipes at you just to keep things even. I’m always late to the Cinqo de Mayo party, but this year it’s on a Friday, so nothing is going to stop me.
very veggie nachos
Most people think of Cinco de Mayo as Mexico’s Independence Day, but it’s not. It’s the date the the Mexican army defeated French forces in battle in 1862. Since then, Cinco de Mayo has become a way to celebrate Mexican American culture, two countries living harmoniously side by side.
So let’s celebrate! Hmmm, what to make, and how can we keep it healthy?
Few things do the job better than flatbread when you’re trying to keep your carbs down, and these recipes still allow you to celebrate all your favorite food without sacrificing flavor. So whip up a batch of margaritas and let’s do this!
Be a “Nacho mama”: kids and adults love nachos, and since these very veggie nachos are packed with every vegetable under the sun, they make a fabulous snack. Wrangle up the little guys and let them help out in the kitchen; you can be sure they’ll help you eat them when you pull them out of the oven.
Our flatbreads work baked, stuffed, grilled, rolled, or folded. Take our Artisanal Thin Crust pizza, cut it in pieces, and you can make these delicious spicy mango salmon soft tacos. Or brush whole flatbreads  with your favorite hot sauce, cut them into chips, and bake them until crispy. Make some guacamole or even our new Texas caviar for a little tex-mex fun. Chips and dip win every single time.
Flatbread takes the place of tortillas in our chicken and veggie fajitas,  which can be adapted to feed a huge crowd of revelers in style. It also can be baked crisp and made into tostadas for our cozy little dinner for two, the skirt steak tostadas (one of my weekend favorites!)
Whatever you do, make it fresh and make it your own. And viva México!
-Amy at Flatout


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