May oui!

We are saying oui to spring right now, because over here the tulips are blooming, the lilacs are out, and just as soon as it stops raining we will be outside sniffing up the gorgeous fragrance of May in all its glory. Who’s with me on this? Last night I raided a lilac bush in my neighborhood, at the edge of a construction site, just so I could fill our home with their short-lived perfume. They never last long enough, but I’ve learned that if you pound the woody stems with a hammer before putting them in water, it helps proving their life a bit…I think it works!
may oui
As promised, we have some nice new flatbread recipes to try that reflect the changing season. Sure, it was technically spring last month, but it doesn’t really feel like it until May, at least around here.
The smoked salmon nosh uses our flatbread Foldit to make a super easy, extremely elegant breakfast lunch or brunch. I just love our flatbread with smoked salmon; it’s the perfect ratio of bread to fish.
My mom will be out of town for Mother’s Day, so we had her over last weekend and made her this sinfully rich triple grilled cheese with the last jar of pear chutney my best friend made in the fall. Sometimes a grilled cheese is a hard thing to beat. She loved it, and so will the mom in your life!
There’s nothing better than a hamburger, more specifically, a lamb burger! Our Foldits take all the bulk out of eating burgers; this springy lamb burger is covered with artichoke hearts and briny feta. You may never need a bun again.
We also have fun ideas for flatbread wraps: make a tuna melt with first of the season asparagus, or some easy and portable hand pies filled with chicken pot pie. Baby peas and carrots, anyone?
For those of us who still have to work in this beautiful weather, try this salmon flatbread wrap rolled up with a sheet or two of nori inside. Add some extra spice by using wasabi nori! Or try this salad wrap with cumin scented chickpeas, mint, and hard boiled egg. Just perfect for a springtime lunch.
Whatever you do this month, just say oui to delicious, inspired flatbread food!
-Amy at Flatout


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