Happy Mother’s Day!

I was in my favorite card store last week, looking for just the right card for my mom. It was so hard to do! None of the cards really spoke to me. My mom isn’t overly sentimental. She isn’t super flowery. She’s not my best friend. I love her, and I think she’s really funny, but none of the cards really said that either.
Finally, I found just the right card. It was a card with illustrations of half a dozen different shades of lipsticks. It was perfect because most of my adult life, I’ve been trying to get my mom to change lipstick colors. She has worn one particular shade, let’s call it “frosted melon,” my whole life. When the color is discontinued by the maker (which it always is) she hoards tubes of it until she finds another supplier. For years, I’d buy her a different style or shade, but frosted melon would always return, to my dismay. Somewhere she has a drawer full of unused tubes of expensive lipsticks in alternative shades, collecting dust.
Anyways, this card, which by most would be considered hokey, was the perfect inside joke card for my mom. I bought it, along with a handful of other cute cards, and went on my way. She’ll be getting it in the mail today.
I think that Mother’s Day requires something special and a little elevated for breakfast or brunch, don’t you? Smoked salmon is always a huge hit, and we have two beautiful flatbread recipes from which to choose: the smoked salmon nosh,  made with out Foldit flatbreads, and a smoked salmon breakfast wrap,  both sumptuous and easy to assemble.
If you feel like turning on the oven, then by all means bake Mom up our fancy flatbread avocado toast, or even these delicious flatbread mini ham and cheese quiches. A little fruit salad, and her day is off to a great start. Don’t forget the coffee.
A slightly more elaborate, very elegant meal for mom could be the croque madame,  topped with a made to order runny egg, or even our take on a BLT, using bacon, avocado, and fresh pineapple.
No matter how you say it, if you have a mom, it’s time to do something special for her this weekend. So rustle up the kids and make Sunday all about the mom in your life. Make her breakfast, but don’t give her lipstick!
-Amy at Flatout


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