May is National Strawberry Month!

May is National Strawberry month, but who can keep up with all the celebratory months these days? Strawberries have to share the limelight with dozens of other crazy food holidays, but in my opinion, this noble berry soars head and shoulders above the rest of them. So let’s celebrate the strawberry!
vintage spinach strawberry salad wrap
Who doesn’t adore a fresh, ripe, well grown strawberry? Nobody, that’s who. As early as the 14th century, the strawberry plant was used to cure depressive illness; even the plant was thought to have brightened outlooks! Think what the fruit does to us. I know it makes me super happy just to think of eating a red, ripe, freshly picked berry.
It’s the berry we eat today, thanks to careful cultivation over the centuries, and boy, what a berry. I’ve praised the strawberry before, but it’s May all over again and my annual berry excitement  has taken over. It’s just so difficult to find delicious strawberries any other time of the year, because the ones you find outside of the prime season are, in my opinion, just hollow, pale shells of what they could be.
I’ve rounded up some of my fave flatbread recipes that use strawberries, so pick up a couple pints on your way home and try these sweet little treats!
Strawberries are versatile enough to use in this chicken and spinach salad wrap that harkens back to the 80s when goat cheese was all the rage.
These empanadas get a little kick from chipotle chili paste mixed in with strawberry preserves and baked. I love sweet with a little spice, don’t you? Just a bit makes a big taste sensation.
Or go full on rich and wonderful with our over the top strawberry and dulce de leche Foldits. Strawberries add the perfect counterbalance to dulce de leche.
This easy to make version of a quintessential dessert, strawberries and cream, is made with your favorite flavor of flatbread and can be made in advance for parties or any special occasion. It is Strawberry Month, after all!
One of my ultimate favorites, the berry hand pie  uses a flatbread and only one teaspoon of sugar to make a gorgeous pie for one. A scoop of vanilla ice cream and dessert is ready in 15 minutes. Make two, you know, just in case…..
May this year be the best strawberry filled month for us yet!
-Amy at Flatout



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