Hey Grill!

We’re headed into a glorious Memorial Day weekend, which means spending time outdoors with friends and family, remembering those who served our country. It also means getting the bulk of the gardening done, mowing the lawn for the first time, and definitely getting the grill going for some fabulous and fun food.
Sometimes big buns detract from the main event of a juicy burger fresh off the coals, so Flatout Foldits may be just the thing for your next grillathon, giving everyone room for dessert. Flatbread grills up beautifully. Not only for sandwiches but for pizzas, too! Many of our pizza recipes can be easily made on the grill, in less time than in the oven. But let’s talk burgers, shall we?
Flatbread and lamb are always a delicious combination, and we have two great lamb burgers of you to try: our classic lamb burger with olives and feta cheese, and a spring lamb burger with marinated artichokes just begging to be made this weekend.
If lamb isn’t your thing, fear not! Our brand new Sichuan burger uses ground beef and Sichuan peppercorns for a tingly taste sensation you’ll love. Or try our grilled flatbread steak and cheese sandwiches for a hungry crowd. They’re easy to make in advance and grill up in big batches at the last minute. An all-out extravagant feta and corn stuffed burger might be just the thing to make with first of the season corn, if you want to really wow your guests. It is a holiday, after all.
Vegetarian flatbread options abound, as well. We make a hearty flatbread sandwich out of a thick slice of grilled halloumi and pickled onions, every bit as satisfying as a burger, and we’re big fans of grilling marinated mushroom caps and giving them the all the tasty condiments we can.
Whatever you do this weekend, make it fun and delicious, and make it with flatbread!
-Amy at Flatout


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