Let’s Get Ready for a Picnic!

When it’s gorgeous outside like it has been for almost a week now up by me, miracle of miracles, I can’t help but think that all meals should be eaten al fresco. Of course, I’m not the only one in my city who thinks this. A week of beautiful weather, and it seems that overnight people’s patios are set up, brand new outdoor furniture is unpacked from their Ikea boxes, and colorful flowers are planted in all the pots and flower boxes. In the city, folks really take advantage of every last square inch of deck and porch space, because it’s so hard to come by.
ham and cheese veggie wrap
Is there anything better than finding a little beach, park, or even a shady little bench in a public garden in which to sit and enjoy a light lunch or dinner? I always feel a bit more recharged when I spend time outside, basking in the sun (or shade) for an hour or so. Even if it means camping out on our front steps, setting up a nice little meal that can be unpacked and enjoyed with a beer or glass of wine out in the fresh air (before the mosquitos really start biting) feels so civilized. It’s like a micro-camping trip, where you can still sleep in your own bed at the end of the day, and you don’t have to worry about ticks or ants.
Here’s a few of our newest, most portable and delicious flatbread wrap recipes, just begging to be taken wit you on a road trip or even across the street to that little courtyard with the fountain, right by the library. No checkered tablecloth required, just wrap it, roll it, and go…
The new tuna wrap is a mayonnaise-free tuna salad tucked inside a flatbread for easy, mess-free eating. I seriously could eat this flatbread wrap every single day. The new ham and cheese veggie wrap is packed with crispy vegetables for maximum crunch and travels brilliantly on trips.
With a little advance prep, these quinoa chicken meatballs are the complete opposite of ho-hum lunch food and are fun, tasty, and light on warm summer days. Or boil up a batch of shrimp and turn a chopped salad into an elegant dinner for two on the pier.
I love this salmon nori wrap  made with chunks of fresh salmon, sheets of nori, and a hint of wasabi in  the mayonnaise. Thanks to flatbread, this wrap can be rolled up in paper and packed inside a basket with a minimum of fuss, and a maximum of flavor. Green iced tea, anyone?
If you’re headed to an outdoor party, make sure you make a big batch of Texas caviar,  perfect for groups, with a whole lot of spicy baked flatbread chips to scoop it up with. Your friends will love you, but the ants, notsomuch.
Whatever you do, do it outside, and do it deliciously, with flatbread!
-Amy at Flatout


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