Life’s A Beach!

One morning a few years ago, my better half and I were walking the dogs on the beach up in Michigan. It was July, I think, and we were in the habit of taking the dogs out to run around and swim early in the morning before the beach got too crowded. Once the beach filled up, our friendly dogs tended to get their sandy whiskers in people’s Robert Ludlum novels, which made the readers cranky.
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So here we were, in the wee hours of the morning, with the dogs, on the beach. A ways into our walk, we notice that a family has set up a blanket with their chairs and umbrellas, which isn’t all that uncommon for families with little ones who are up early. We spy them quite a bit further down the beach: two little kids with their parents, wading in the water.
All of a sudden I see Tula, our very gentle dog, with her nose sniffing around in what looks to be a to-go box left open on the blanket. Before I could say “leave it” she gulps whatever it is down in one bite and moves on, licking her chops. Oh, no.
This family must have left their breakfast behind, and Tula very ungraciously dispatched with the leftovers. How embarrassing! We hightailed it off the beach after her; she knew she was in trouble, but she didn’t care. She thought she had earned that breakfast.
Eating at the beach, or, well, just about any outdoor recreational spot, can be a tad challenging, and not just because of ants, sand, or in this case, dogs.  What you bring has to be easy to eat, easy to tote around, and more appetizing than a greasy piece of freezer pizza or an overdone hot dog. Enter flatbread!
Flatout flatbread has tons of portable, beach friendly recipes for all of your outdoor endeavors this summer. We have the new picnic wrap,  made with chicken and goat cheese. Or a light and delicious citrus Thai shrimp wrap full of tender shrimp and crisp vegetables. I also love the nouveau tuna wrap, made without mayonnaise rolled up in an easy to eat flatbread of whatever flavor you choose.
Keeping things simple and budget friendly on a vacation? Go to a grocery store and make your own lunches! Grab some hummus, some veggies from the salad bar, and some lunchmeat from the deli and whip up a hummus wrap on the go to eat midday. Lunch in two minutes, I kid you not. Also, our tasty baked chicken shawarma wrap is a cinch to prepare in a hurry. We love the spinach flatbread for this recipe!
Or whip up a super healthy take on Texas caviar, to be scooped up with spicy baked flatbread chips you make the day before. Or if you’re feeling super prepared, these do-it-yourself taco cones are fun and festive, and can be packed up for an extra-special lunch. We love spicy, crunchy, delicious summer food that is made to be enjoyed in the great outdoors. Just be careful of any leftovers and roaming dogs!
Love the summer, and eat beautifully!
-Amy at Flatout


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