Known for their engaging and passionate live shows that keep them touring year-round, Red Wanting Blue is a quintessential American rock n’ roll band. Their fans are known to follow them to as many shows as they can, creating a community spirit that continues to grow with each performance. We talked to vocalist and songwriter, Scott Terry, about their grass-roots approach building a fan base, their awesome moms, and how to eat right when so much of your time is spent on a tour bus.

The Bands Favorite Recipes!


Q: You guys play real instruments, and have earned your passionate fans by playing live at their favorite venues in their home towns – Is Red Wanting Blue music’s best hope at saving rock n’ roll as we know it?

I certainly would like to think of us as soldiers fighting the good fight for rock n’ roll. Some might call us old-fashioned, but we’re big believers in the grass-roots approach to spreading the word about our music.   When we tour from town to town we’re giving people a chance to make a real connection with us… And us with them.  We’re laying down the groundwork for a strong and lasting relationship. Each town has their own unique personality that you will only truly know and understand by experiencing them, so you must go there. It’s important to meet them halfway. If you allow these places the opportunity to know you as “real people”…not just figments of their online world,  then their support becomes “real”.  That’s what we’ve come to understand from our own travels.

Q: Your video for “You Are My Las Vegas” features your clearly awesome moms – how did you eat growing up? What did your moms teach you about food?

Yes… Our Moms are awesome. I know that we’re biased, but I think they raised us with a pretty good understanding of food.  As for me personally, I grew up in a “kitchen safe” environment.  I remember being a kid and going to some friends’ houses where their parents ran the kitchen like a police state. “Get out of the kitchen ’til I call you in for lunch! No snacking!” It was never that way in my house.  My folks wanted a kitchen where everyone felt comfortable coming and going as they pleased…and as an adult now, looking back that really had an impact on me and how I eat.  My Mom definitely hammered home the importance of the 4 Food Groups, portion control, and healthy snacking.

Q: You are always on tour – how do you get around, and what’s the lifestyle like while you’re traveling? With so much time on the road, is it possible to avoid living on drive-thru food? How do you stay healthy while traveling?

Most of the time we travel by bus. We’ve been blessed to have a large refrigerator in our bus, which is the keystone to eating right on the road.  You can certainly do it with a cooler and some ice, but a refrigerator makes it so much easier… That and a microwave and oven. When you are traveling without your own food, then you are at the mercy of the restaurants you come across on the road.  And sadly, we’ve come to find that most are not very healthy. Having smartphones helps us in our search for healthy eateries across America, but sometimes there just aren’t many options.  And that’s when we have to rely on bringing our own food.

Q: You’ve gotten to know this country intimately, what are your favorite food cities?  Wow. Great question! There are so many. So much great food out there. Here’s a list of some of our favorite spots:

  1. Northstar- Columbus, OH
  2. J’s Oyster Bar- Portland, Maine
  3. El Palacio De Los Jugos- Miami, FL
  4. Cunningham’s Journal- Kearney, NE
  5. Green Cafe- Phoenix, AZ
  6. Westville- New York, NY
  7. Yellow Deli- Chattanooga, TN
  8. Jack’s, Pike Place Market- Seattle, WA
  9. Cooper’s Real Pit BBQ- Llano, TX
  10. Co-op Downtown- Bozeman, MT

Q: I hear you are a Flatout fan – what are some of your go-to Flatout flatbread recipes? Have you been inspired to create meals based on regional dishes you’ve encountered in your travels?

Well, we’re definitely fans of the “wrap”, whether that’s a salad wrap, breakfast wrap, or sandwich wrap.   We dig the wrap.  We have also made many flatbread pizzas while on the road.  I guess you could say that the toppings or ingredients we choose are a direct result of where we are geographically. We could be feeling Cajun in the southeast or tex-mex in the southwest. Our appetite is tied very closely to where we are.

Q: What’s coming up for you in 2016?

Big Big Things! We’ve spent this Winter/Spring of 2016 writing, demoing and beginning the preproduction process for our next album which we will recorded later this year. The making of this new album along with summer festivals and touring is going to be keeping Red Wanting Blue busy! Please check our tour dates on our website and connect with us on social media! See you all down the road!!!