Our Passion


Our Story

Hello! I’m Stacey Marsh, and I have a passion for FLATOUT flatbread. Our awesome flatbread can be enjoyed by the whole family! Our two daughters, their grandparents and everyone in between absolutely love it! And we’re sure you will, too!

It all started when my husband, Mike, and I were fresh out of college. Fueled by lots of enthusiasm and dreams of success we decided to open a restaurant and promised ourselves we would take whatever profits we initially made and invest in community organizations.

So it happened that in 1990 we began our career in food service with a restaurant. After listening to our customers say time after time, “Why don’t you two bake these wraps and sell them?” we took their advice to heart and decided to go for it. My mother and father have always said, “Never look back and say what if…” And we never did.

We dove headfirst into the baking business! We recognized the void in the marketplace for a flatbread that could become a premier carrier for many food applications. After running a successful restaurant we figured it couldn’t be that hard to bake this unique flatbread we envisioned. Well….. learning the baking business was a lot harder than we ever imagined!!

Growing Up

In the fall of 1995, Mike drove more than 2,000 miles to look at bakery manufacturing equipment. Mind you, he didn’t have any clue what he was looking at, either!! However, before we knew it, we were the proud owners of a used 100-foot bakery manufacturing line and thousands of pounds of industrial parts including motors, belts, and die cut molds. You name it, we had it! I always said to my friends and family (jokingly, but it was the truth), “See that large mixer? That’s my living room furniture.” We weren’t home very much throughout all this crazy madness, so who needed furniture anyway!

After three long years of feeding restaurant customers, family and friends flatbread, we developed the original recipe for FLATOUT wraps in our bakery in Ann Arbor, MI!!!! We still remember the day in 1998 when we actually produced a piece of flatbread we would be proud to sell to our customer. As the flatbread came flying off the end of the bakery line, we were all yelling, “This is it!” Since that unforgettable moment of “flying FLATOUT,” we have sold our unique FLATOUT to thousands of supermarkets, hotels, recreational parks, schools, universities and restaurants. We continue to work hard to expand that distribution so that, one of these days, our FLATOUT wraps will be available to everyone in their local store.

A Flatout Success!

And we are not done yet! Flatout Foldit, an artisan flatbread with a unique hinge that revolutionizes burgers and grilled sandwich gives shoppers more healthy options. Mike says it’s a better hamburger bun, with a “backstop”! Plus Flatout Thin Pizza Crust changes pizza making at home with 6 “whenever you want them” pizzas in 6 minutes. And there is more to come!

Flatout is also community conscious. We are living our dream and now gratefully support national and local organizations like the breast cancer awareness and teams like the Michigan Tigers Soccer club. We help local schools and charities and donate bread to food banks and local farmers. We think a lot about sustainability and work hard to be green. 99% of all the paper, cardboard and plastic we use are recycled. Flatout consolidated shipping routes and schedules to effectively lower our carbon footprint.

We, at FLATOUT, love what we do! However, from the start, Mike and I have always put our customers FIRST, and we will continue to do that! Our loyal customers and the FLATOUT TEAM are absolutely #1 and the reason I am here today writing to all of you. Your feedback, positive or negative, is invaluable to the success of FLATOUT!

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Thank you for your continued support! And do remember to never say, “What if…”