Huevos Rancheros Flatbread Bowls

huevos rancheros bowl

California chef Bethany makes breakfast a thing of beauty with flatbread bowls filled with Mexican flavors and poached eggs. Olé!


Huevos Rancheros Flatbread Bowls


Per bowl:
1 Flatout wrap of choice
1/2 cup canned black beans, drained & rinsed
1/4 cup corn
1/3 cup tomato sauce
Taco seasoning to taste
1 egg
Pepperocini peppers
Feta cheese


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F.
2. Spray bottom of a ceramic/oven safe cup, place Flatout wrap on the bottom of the cup (cup should upside-down) and place in oven to 5-10 minutes until browned and you can feel the wrap harden.

IMG_8852 (1)

3. In a small sauce pan, simmer beans, corn, tomato sauce, & spices.
4. Fill tortilla bowl with bean mixture, top with poached egg, and garnish with avocado, pepperocini peppers, & feta to taste. Serve immediately.


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